Family Histories

The following family histories are part of the Saluda County Museum library. They are listed in alphabetical order by the surname of the family. In the case of more than one family referenced by a work, the surname of the family listed first has been used.

Abney...George Henderson Abney from the files of Howard T. Abney

Addy...Lois Crouch Matheny Addy by oral History Committee

Allen...Allens of the Southern States by Norma Carter Miller and George Lane Miller

Amick...Amicks with Roots in the Dutch Fork of South Carolina by Louise Riley

Attaway...Descendants of William Attaway compiled by Dean Scott Attaway

Baker/Gibson...The Baker and Gibson Families and Allied Lines by J.W. richards

Ballentine...John William William Ballentine and Mary Magdalene Derrick compiled by N.E. Whitehead

Ballentine...Silas Jessie Ballentine married Mary Jane Branch Long

Bartley...History of the Bartleys compiled by William Bartley

Bartley/Trotter...The Ancestors and Decendants of Andrew Jackson Bartley and BeulahTrotter

Barton and Stedman...Barton & Stedman also Steadman Families by J.E. Steadman, 1987

Berry...The Berry Family of Lawrence County, Kentucky by David V. Agricola, M.D.

Berry...Our Berry Patch by W. Ross Berry, 1982

Berry...Wagons South; Wagons West: William Clarence Berry by Helen V. Berry

Black...Black Family Genealogy by H.B. Watson

Black...John black and Related Ones (1777- Ca 1854)

Black...Jesse Wilson Black, 1838 - 1929, and Barbryan Catherine Ballentine Black by Harrison M. Lester

Black...The Family of John Black (1777 - ca 1854) and Related Ones by William Henry Hare

Bledsoe...The English Origins of George Bledsoe of Virginia(1632 - 1705)

Boddie...the Boddie Family of South Carolina by Jack and Lula Steward

Boland...Boland Family, no author

Boland...History of the John Boland Family

Botner, Boatner, Bothner, Bottner, Butner...A One Name Study, Vol. 1 by Descendants of Ludwig/Lewis and Mary(Martin) Boatner compiled by Roy and Alice Craft

Bouknight...The Family of Luke Smith Bouknight, Sr., and Related Ones compiled from the papers in possession of Mrs. Marian Bouknight West 1988

Bouknight...the Family of Reuben Bouknight of (1817 - 1854) and Related Ones (this is Vol.EEE (1990) to Luke Smith Bouknight, Sr. compiled in 1988 from papers of Marian Bouknight West and are partial papers only)

Bozier/Bosier, Cobb, Cockrell, Duffie(Duffey, Gentry, Proctor, Roberts, Temple Families...Compilations, Documents and Research Notes by Nita Berry

Buffington...The Rev. W.L. Buffington: Recolections of the depression and Working in theMills. Finishing High School. Graduating from Three Universities. Workingas a College Instructor Thirty-four Years. The Faith Cabin Library Project.

Burton...The burton Family and Related Ones Extract from Book by Joseph Earle Steadman's Desloges Family, 1981

Butler/Green/Clary...The Butler - Green - Clary Family Reunion Donated by Patricia Clary Hodge

Butler/Eskridge...Descendants of William Butler and John Grigsby of Stafford County

Cato...Cato on the Ridge